Newsletter #1

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Project Area Map

Please share it with your Northside friends, neighbors, and family!

A Plan for the Northside

The Northside is one of Riverside’s earliest settled communities, located north of downtown Riverside and the 60 Freeway. In addition to the broadly recognized Northside neighborhood, the planning process will include four special study areas: (1) the residential neighborhood located in Hunter Park just over the 215 freeway; (2) several blocks of the Main Street corridor that lead south into Downtown; (3) Pellissier Ranch, within the incorporated boundaries of the City of Colton; and (4) the eastern-most area south of Center Street in unincorporated Riverside County. See this map for a picture of the planning area.

Specific Plan

Based on the shared vision for the future created with community input, the Northside Specific Plan will establish goals, policies, and development regulations to guide future changes. Important components of the Specific Plan include land use, community character and design, open space, transportation and mobility, parks, infrastructure, historic resources, and economic vitality. The City of Riverside has successfully used specific plans in other areas—such as the Marketplace, University Avenue, and Downtown areas—to facilitate compatible infill development, adaptive reuse of historic buildings, and improvements to aging infrastructure and public facilities. Now it’s the Northside’s turn!

Community-Based Process

Success for the Northside Specific Plan, relies on the involvement of community members and stakeholders in all steps of the planning process. The Northside is a diverse area in people, history, land use, and environmental resources. When all perspectives are involved, the Northside Specific Plan will better address all facets of the Northside that people care about. The Community Involvement Plan establishes the road map for optimizing the public’s role in shaping and forming the Northside Specific Plan. Make sure to sign up for email announcements about upcoming community involvement

Program Environmental Impact Report

Later in the process, a Program Environmental Impact Report, often called “EIR,” will assess the types of environmental effects that could result from the new land uses, open space, and infrastructure improvements identified in the Draft Specific Plan. The Program EIR will also identify mitigation measures to avoid or lessen the potential environmental effects. The public will have the opportunity to comment on the Draft Program EIR, and the City of Riverside will prepare written responses to all comments before the Final Program EIR is prepared and certified.

Partnership with City of Colton

The Northside Specific Plan is an interjurisdictional project of the cities of Riverside and Colton. As with other specific plans in Riverside, the Northside Specific Plan will be written and adopted by the City of
Riverside. However, unique to the Northside, the Specific Plan will also include land use recommendations for Pellissier Ranch that could be considered for adoption by the City of Colton. The City of Colton has decision-making authority over the Pellissier Ranch property, which is located within the Colton boundaries. The City of Colton will also use the EIR when considering plan adoption.