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Community involvement is essential for the success of the Northside’s new plan. In fact, the project team’s first task was to develop the Community Involvement Plan, which is the road map for when and how community involvement will occur. The community will also be an invaluable resource in getting the word out so that everyone becomes involved!

The City of Riverside established six essential objectives in the Community Involvement Plan:

  • Engage the full spectrum of Northside community members, landowners, and stakeholders in the planning process for the Northside Specific Plan.
  • Use input, ideas, and feedback from the community to help shape the Northside Specific Plan, including the baseline study, vision concepts, alternatives, and preferred plan.
  • Strengthen and expand relationships and trust between the City, community members, and other government agencies.
  • Transparently share project information, studies, meeting conclusions, and incremental decisions with community members.
  • Utilize prior community discussions about Northside assets and vision and seek input from others who may not have been part of the prior discussions.
  • Coordinate with and seek input from other government agencies that have jurisdiction and/or interest in the project area.

Community involvement will be focused during the three primary steps for Northside Specific Plan preparation: Vision and Goals, Alternatives, and Preferred Plan. However, input is welcome at all times, using the online comment link below or directly contacting the project manager.

We will document and summarize community input and post the summaries on this website. By signing up for email announcements and updates, you will know when new document postings have occurred.

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